Featuring Artist: L-FRESH The LION

May 03, 2014

Back in 2005, I came across this guy by the name of L-FRESH The LION from Sydney, Australia. It must have been either on Myspace or Soundclick.com; back then if you were an artist that's where you would be found. As I remember, he had multiple songs over popular industry hip-hop instrumentals and was releasing tracks exponentially. From the get-go, I was a big fan of his tupac-esque lyrics, flow and tone. He was very real in what he had to say, a true story-teller east coast rapper, and his style was very nostalgic to some of my favorite late 90's early 2000's rappers. I touched base with him back then as someone who was starting a similar movement in the U.S. and we've been in touch since.

At that time, the movement in the states was in its early stages with artists like Hoodini and Mandeep Sethi laying down the ground work for what we now more popularly know as Punjabi/Sikh Hip Hop Artists scene.

While the movement was growing in the states, L-FRESH The LION was lacing tracks like it was survival; constantly perfecting his craft, creating a hip-hop scene where there wasn't one and fostering an environment for the youth to unite and make art.

With his style fully evolved, the music he makes is uplifting, positive, and absolutely enjoyable. has also achieved stripes that most artists only dream of. He has shared the stage with Rap legends like Nas, Public Enemy, KRS-One, Dead Prez and Talib Kweli. His songs are played on Australian radios, he tours the country with a live band, he the founder of a movement called Power to the Peaceful, he spends his time in community work addressing social injustices and a whole lot more than we can mention in this short write-up. Of course you can find more information about him on www.l-fresh.com. 

Check out the music video for his latest single called "Survive ft. MK-1.


This Friday, May 9th, 2014 he is set to release his newest album, titled "One". We encourage all of our fans to legitimately BUY this album, support a brother that has pursued his dreams and made them a reality. A brother that is a person of influence and a positive role model for young Sikhs around the world. We got a chance to preview the album before its release and I promise you want to hear it! L-FRESH The LION has been a big supporter of the Rootsgear brand over the last ten years and we wish him continued success.


Purchase the album on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1mTvzGo

Hardcopies can be bought from Waterfront (ships internationally)http://bit.ly/1rHrFCP


Tanmit Singh