Sangrur Bells x Rootsgear

June 02, 2015

Rootsgear is proud to support the women of Punjab by adding Sangrur Bells to our "Art & More" collection. These hand-made Phulkari Key Chains are stitched by women that are supported by the Building Bridges India non-profit organization. Each key chain is unique and 100% hand-made. 

Below is an excerpt from an article about Sangrur Bells by Mallika Kaur. Read the full article here to learn more. 

"The partnership focuses on women, not only because they are overwhelmingly the forced breadwinners in the suicide-afflicted villages, but also because prejudices against women and girls have deepened with economic blight...In the meantime, buying Sangrur Bells, buying the parts needed to make them, or adopting a family afflicted by farmer-suicide, could be our own contribution to protect women's safety, sanity, and spaces. "